Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY Chalk-Board Mug

     Happy Wednesday!  Todays post is this super cute and easy chalk-board mug.  I love chalk paint {I mean who doesn't?}.  You can do so much with it.   The possibilities are endless!  I have seen this craft all over Pinterest and have wanted to try it for some time now.  So when I found these mugs at Michael's, I knew I had to share it.


-Chalk paint

-Decorative Mug {you can get them at any craft store}

-Paint brush

-Damp Washcloth

-Masking Tape

Step one:

Wipe off your mug with a damp cloth.

Step two:

After you clean your mug you want to tape off the section you want to paint.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="590"] I chose to paint only half of my mug but you can do square, stripes, triangle, etc.[/caption]

Step three:

Now you paint! Apply two coats. One coat vertically and the second horizontally. Allow one hour drying between each coat.

Step four:

Once your mug is completely dry, lightly rub chalk over the entire section you painted. {sorry I don't have a picture for this step}

Now you are finished!  You can put flowers, candy, markers {like I did}, or fill it up with treats and give as a gift.

If you try this out I would LOVE to hear about!

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