Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

 I am excited to announce that I will be trying a new thing on my blog called "Friday Favorites".   I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this and thought I would give it a shot!  So keep an eye out for my Friday Favorites!

1. Fuzzy socks!  I LOVE fuzzy socks but knee-high fuzzy socks are even better {plus, who doesn't love snoopy?}.  They are so warm, soft, and perfect for a cold rainy day.  Like today!

2. My next favorite is Paris Amour hand scrub from Bath and Body Works and let me just say I'm OBSESSED!  I've had it for a while but I've been using it more lately since my hands get so dry in the winter.

3. This elephant necklace.

A few years ago my grandma gave me this necklace for my birthday.  That was when my love for elephants began.  I wear it all the time!  Isn't it so cute?

4. Here's my favorite candle. Peonies!

5. When we went to Disney World in 2012,  I got this super adorable Mickey Mouse mug.  I am OBSESSED with anything Disney {Really, I think I have a problem...}.

6. This list could go on forever but if I don't stop now I never will.  So my last favorite for today is this pink nail polish.  I have been wearing this polish non-stop since the beginning of March and absolutely LOVE it!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Oh and this ring! Don't even get me started![/caption]

 So excited for tomorrow's spring-like weather {It's going to be 70! Whoop! Whoop!}.  Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and great weather!

Until next time,


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