Friday, March 6, 2015

Lilly Letters

Hello lovelies!  Hope everyone had a great day.  The past few days have been gloomy and rainy,  so even though it was freezing today, at least the sun was out.

I got to see one of my best friends today and we went shopping at Kohls {one of my many favorite stores} and then we came back and did crafts.  I will be showing you guys what craft we made.  It's a super cute and easy craft!


-Wooden letter

-Elmer's glue

-Lilly Pulitzer print {I went to Google to get mine}



-foam paint brush

To start you want to find the print you want to use {you can use any print you want, but these are the prints I chose}

Next you want to take your letter and trace it onto your printed paper.

Now cut into squares.{I forgot to take a picture but you will see what I'm talking about}

Brush glue on the section you want to place your square.  Place your square on the section immediately.  Then apply glue on top.

       Continue doing each step until you have covered the whole letter.  Here is my finished product.

We really enjoyed doing this quick and easy craft.  I hope you all enjoy this craft as much as we did!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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