Sunday, March 29, 2015

Places I Want To Visit, Here, There, And Everywhere {Part one}

Lately, I have had the urge to see the U.S.A.   Traveling is something I love to do.  I have been to some really neat places.  There is so much more to see though.  The following places are on my bucket list.

1. New York City

I am definitely a city girl.  I love the energy, excitement, bright lights, and of course BROADWAY!

New York at night by winsnap #nyc


2. Maine

Maine is very beautiful.  You have the coast, the woods, and everything else!

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine #travel #fall #foliage

3. Cape Cod

When I think of Cape Cod, I think beautiful sunrises, quaint villages, sailing, cute little shops, and just relaxing.

Cape Cod


4. Alaska

 Alaska.  " The Last Frontier ".  I would like to take a cruise to Alaska to see the Blue Whales, Kodiak Bears, Northern Lights, and Ice Bergs.

Aurora Borealis, Alaska...I will be setting these in Oil Paintings..."can't wait"


5. Hawaii

Right now I want to catch a plane and fly to Hawaii.  I am so ready for summer, leis, big waves, and surfing.

Maui, Hawaii


6. Charleston South Carolina

Surprisingly I have never been to Charleston.  I have been to South Carolina many times but never to Charleston.  I love the southern charm and historic atmosphere.

Our Summertime Guide To Vacationing In Charleston


Next week I will be talking about all the places I want to visit in Europe.  So stay tuned!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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