Monday, July 20, 2015

Essentials For a {LONG} Road Trip

Hi everyone!

Today, I will be sharing my essentials for those looong, boring road trips.  At first road trips are fun, but after 3 hours the question "Are we there yet?" keeps coming to mind.  Below are some very important essentials of mine.  Enjoy!

1. Books & Magazines - I love books and magazines for long car rides!  It makes the time go by.  You can get caught up on the latest fashion, decide what new desserts you would like to try, and dream of your future home!

2. Notebook / Drawing Pad - Whenever I go on a road trip I always bring a notebook and a drawing pad!  They're both very important essentials for me. I love to draw & doodle.  I find that it passes the time and it's very relaxing! :)

3. A Calender - I can't go anywhere without my planner!  I'm always thinking of new blog posts and when an idea strikes, my planner must be nearby!  Plus it helps me stay organized.

4. Colored Pencils / Sharpies / Pencils - Going along with the whole notebook and calender theme, sharpies and pencil are a must!  It makes everything look neat and tidy {just the way I like it!}

5. Snacks & Drinks - This one is pretty obvious!  You gotta have your munchies.  We don't stop at restaurants often, but when we do it's always Cracker Barrel!
6. Motion Sickness / Tylenol - If your like me and get awful headaches while reading in the car, then these two are a must!  I love to read on a road trip, but I hate the  headache it comes with.

7. Pillow & Blanket - Again, this is another obvious one.  A pillow and blanket are great if you're leaving early in the morning.  Personally, I'd rather have a sweater/hoodie instead of a blanket.  I love my big, soft, white, comforter.  Unfortunately, it's just too big for the car. :(

8. Ipad / Phone / Chargers - I usually watch movies on {my mom's} tablet.  Pride & Prejudice and Disney movies are my favorite!  Of course you have to have your phone.  I can't go anywhere without mine!

9. Sweater - Like I said in #7, I prefer having a sweater.  If your like me and get cold easily, then you will probably want to bring along a sweater/cardigan! ;)

10. Music {CDs} - Honestly, I don't listen to a lot of pop music.  The only pop music I really listen to is Taylor Swift.  I prefer christian, classical {I know, I know...}, and a little bit of pop.

I hope you have a safe and fun road trip!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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