Monday, August 10, 2015

Office Inspiration

I have been finding a lot of inspiration on Pinterest for my new office.  I want a bright and airy room with pops of color.  When I walk into my office, I immediately want to feel inspired.  Today, I'll be showing you all a few of my favorite office designs!  I hope this will give you inspiration if you are redecorating your office.  Enjoy!


1. Colorful Inspiration Board

In my new office, I really want a fun, colorful, inspiration board!  I would fill it with all the things that inspire me and make me happy.  An inspiration board is also great for displaying your artwork.  If you are like me and love DIYs, then I would definitely recommend an inspiration board!

 White space
Image Via: Decor8 

 2.  Pops of Color

The colors I would choose for an office are white, a light coral or pink, ivory, or a pastel.  I love the crisp, clean look of white, and I love how you can add pretty much any color you desire.  When I begin to design my office,  I'm thinking of adding an accent wall.   


 3. Organized Desk {& office}

I am determined to have an organized desk!  Not going to lie, my desk is a mess.  I love it when I'm organized, because when I'm organized I feel like my life is put together.  It feels so good to come home to an organized desk, closet, or even an organized room!


Desk pretties! 

4. Add a Monogram

Of course you can't forget to add a monogram!  I love monograms.  Down here in the south, it's important to monogram everything.  Everything.  To be honest, I don't own a lot of monogramed things, but I do love them!  I think a big or a small monogram would add a cute, southern charm to any office.

pretty gold 


I will definitely show you all the finished product!  I am so excited to start from scratch with my office.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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