Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Staying Organized

Hey again!  Today, I wanted to talk about staying organized.   Staying organized is something I love to do.  I love these kind of blog posts because I can try out different tips and tricks.  Although it can be hard, hopefully this post will help!


1. Get a Planner

Getting a planner and sticking to it is very important.  The question you may have is "How do I organize my planner?"  Well, that's easy!  What helps me keep my planner organized is writing down a to-do list.  For example, a grocery list, homework assignments, fun events, etc.  I use my planner mainly for my blog.  If you're a fellow blogger like me, a planner will come in handy!  I know a lot of people like to color-code, but I don't because I erase too much.  Make sure your planner is with you at all times.  You might remember something you have to do or you might have a great idea for a blog post.  I take mine everywhere I go!  

2. Don't Overcommit

I cannot stress this one enough.  When you overcommit, you stress out.  When you stress out, well, we all know what happens then!  Don't get frusterated if you can't do it all.  I would recommend doing the one activity you're most passionate about.  For example, I love music and have been playing the piano ever since I was 5 years old.  I would rather play the piano than a sport.

3. Create a Budget

It's never too early to start a budget.  Be sensible!  Pick one or two activities you really want to do.  Not five!  "Don't keep up with the Jones" as the saying goes.  
4. Have Fun!

 This is the most important tip!  Don't let organizing stress you out.  Let it be fun!  Have fun planning out your days, weeks, and months.  If you have to rearrange your schedule, that's ok.  I have to do it all the time.
5. It's Planning Time

 Pick out a time during the day {or right before bed} to begin planning.  Take 15-20 minutes and just plan.  Some people like to read a book before bed, I like to plan before bed!

I hope you found this post helpful!  Happy planning!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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