Monday, October 19, 2015

My Fall Essentials pt.2

Hello everyone and welcome to part 2 of my fall essentials!  Today, I will be sharing a few more items I love having for the fall.  You can read part 1 here.  Enjoy!

Fall Essentials pt. 2:  
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1. Gingham Shirt
A gingham shirt is a must!  They're great for layering when it's really cold outside.
2. A Red Lip
 Red is my favorite lipstick color.  Red lipstick looks good with any outfit.  It's more natural and it flows nicely with your outfit.
3. Adorable Fuzzy Socks
I love fuzzy socks. Especially, adorable fuzzy socks!  I wear mine all the time since my feet are always cold {even in the summer...}!
4. Vineyard Vines Tee-Shirt
Vineyard Vines tee-shirts are great if you want to be comfy/casual yet still feel put together.  Vineyard Vines tees are great for layering as well.  I would definitely recommend one for the fall!
5. Statement Necklace

I wear statement necklaces all year round.  I find myself wearing them more in the fall.  Must be the crisp air, and the fact that we are getting closer to two of my favorite holidays {Thanksgiving and Christmas!}.  A statement necklace can add a girly touch to a flannel shirt or a pop to any outfit on a dreary winter day!

 6. Stripes

I love anything with stripes on it!  Striped tops, purses, shoes, you name it, I love it all!

7. Darker Nail Color

My all time favorite nail color in the fall is red.  I love it!  My other favorites are plum, orange, brown, and gold.

8. Vineyard Vines Shepshirt

 My other favorites from Vineyard Vines are their shepshirts.  Once again, they are great for layering.  I also, love Lilly Pulitzer popovers!

9. Leggings

Leggings are a MUST for fall!  The possibilities are endless.  You can wear them with over sized sweaters, riding boots, booties, and so much more! 

Happy Monday!  I hope all you lovelies have a great week!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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