Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Fall Essentials

 Fall Essentials
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1. Flannel

What is fall without flannel?!  It would just be sad without it.  I love how soft, cozy, and versatile flannel is! 

2. Leopard Accents

My favorite leopard accessories are a clutch, belt, and flats / loafers.  It can really add that pop to any outfit!

 3. Floppy Hat and a Baseball Cap

 Rarely do I wear hats, but when I do, it is most likely a floppy hat or a baseball cap.  A floppy hat has a sophisticated look where as a baseball cap has a casual look. 

  4. Burgundy Everything

 Burgundy is my most favorite color in the fall {hunter green and beige are close seconds!} .  It's a very versatile color.  To me, burgundy screams fall!

5. Blanket Scarf {and just scarves in general!}

There's nothing better than the classic blanket scarf for fall.   I have a slight obsession with them!  Scarves are great accessories to pull an outfit together.

6. Vests
 I'm really tempted to buy the Herringbone Vest this year.  It's so gorgeous, and I know I would wear it a lot.  I own a white denim vest along with a red puffer vest.  I love and wear both all the time.

7. Boots!

Ankle booties, riding boots, Hunter boots, Bean boots... You name it, I love them all!

8. Cozy Sweaters and Cardigans

 Sweaters are my go to in the fall.  I mean who doesn't love sweaters/cardigans?  My favorite sweaters are the ones with round necklines {for layering over a button up} and over sized to wear with leggings.

9. Turtlenecks

I love turtlenecks!! I think I get it from my mom.  When I was younger I absolutely hated them.  Now, though, it's a different story.  I like to wear turtlenecks with cardigans, ponchos, and vests.  If it gets really cold outside, I'll even put a sweater over it.

10. Button Ups

Button ups are great for layering.  They're great basics as well.  I absolutely love mine from Gap!

11. Jeans

My favorite denim in the fall is army green, black, tan, maroon, etc.  I like to wear colored jeans with a simple top such as this one and a denim jacket over it.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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