Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hey lovelies!

     Can you believe that exactly one week from today, it will be Christmas!  I can't believe it!!  Next week my mom and I are going to do some last minute Christmas shopping.  Neither one of us are looking forward to it...Haha!  At least we will get the bestest sales.  To be honest, I want this week to go by slowly.  Why?  Christmas day flies by!  It makes me so sad.  Anyway, enough of my rambling!  Keep on reading to see what my favorites from this week have been. 

1. Favorite Item

This is so on my Christmas wishlist!  I'm obsessed!
Cat Headphones - Urban Outfitters:  

2. Favorite Recipe 

Fruity Pebbles have always been one of my favorite cereals.   They are so good!  Am I right?  This cake looks delish.  I plan on trying it out after Christmas! ;)

 Prepare a cake that combines breakfast with dessert and use Fruity Pebbles as a topping. | 28 Insanely Creative Ways To Decorate A Cake That Are Easy AF:  

3. Favorite Picture

There are a million reasons why I love Christmas.  One of them is Christmas lights!  I just LOVE the beautiful glow of the Christmas tree and driving around looking at the lights.  

Home for the holidays:  

4. Favorite Accessory 

One of my weaknesses is dainty necklaces, and this one is no exception!

Dainty Compass "I would be lost without you" necklaces. I think this would be so cute for a bridesmaids gift!:

5. Favorite Outfit

Simple yet classy. 

 6. Favorite Hairstyle

Why can't my hair look like this?  Why....


Have a lovely weekend darlings!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie 

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