Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Fun & Creative Ideas for Christmas

     Are you one of those craaazy Christmas people who count down every week, day, hour, minute, and second until Christmas Day? I know I am! ;)  There are only 16 more days until Christmas!!  I'll let you figure out how many hours, minutes, and seconds. ;)

     Today, I thought I would share some fun ideas you can do this holiday season.  I just recently came across these adorable reindeer cookies below.  I definitely plan on making them!  Every year, we make a gingerbread house and gingerbread cookies. I love how it makes our home smell like Christmas.  This year it looks like I'll be making reindeer cookies along with a gingerbread house! Can't wait!

ginger bread cookies recipe christmas holiday baking better baking bible blog:  

I looove hot cocoa and drink it all year round! 

Mint Snowman Marshmallow:

These would be delicious with your hot cocoa!

Gingerbread Men Cookie Sticks:


Christmas just isn't complete without watching your favorite Christmas movies!  The Christmas movie I've been watching on repeat this year is Elf!!

17 of the best holiday movies ever to watch on Christmas Eve:

holiday diy: rustic felt christmas trees:  


So cozy by the fire...

 Pinterest: ☁︎ [̅_k̅_][̅_l̅_][̅_o̅_][̅_u̅_][̅_d̅_][̅_y̅_][̅_e̅_][̅_y̅_][̅_e̅_][̅_s̅_] ☁︎:

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved crafting.  Each Christmas I would make ornaments for our tree.  These snowman clothespins are absolutely adorable!
D.I.Y. Snowman Clothespins #Christmas This would be so cute with a magnet on the back to hold Christmas cards on the fridge:  

 I've started my own tradition of decorating my own wrapping paper.  View this post to see what I did last year.  I love the rustic look of the ones below!
Fun and creative wrapping ideas. #shinebright:  
DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments:  

What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Monday, July 11, 2016

Whale of a Sale!

      Vineyard Vines is having an amazing sale going on right now, and I just had to share with you all.  All sale items are an extra 50% off!  It really is a Whale of a Sale. ;) Below are a few of my favorite items on sale.  If you see anything you want, you better buy it because everything is going fast!  Happy shopping!

Have a whaley great Monday! ;)

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

     Hello loves!  I hope you all have had a wonderful week. I'm not going to lie, it has been a crazy, busy, and exhausting week, but TGIF!  Right?  Below, are a few things I have been loving this week.  I hope you enjoy!

1. Favorite Find

I thought these Alex and Ani Best Friends Bangles were too cute!  My best friend and I should get these! ;)

2. Favorite Dress

How dreamy is this dress?  It's absolutely stunning!  Just like most girls, I am a total sucker for anything pink.


3. Favorite Sweet Treat

Just because July Fourth is over, that doesn't mean you can't wear red, white, and blue, and still make delicious treats that look like the American Flag!  


4. Favorite Picture

This picture reminds me of a New England summer!  Isn't it so dreamy....


5. Favorite Quotes

I absolutely love this quote!  God wants you to live your life for Him.  Everyday I pray that the Light of Jesus shines through me so others will come to know Him as their Savior.  


I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!  What have you been loving lately?

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Inspiration....

Inspiration really is everywhere.

     The other day, as I was flipping through my Vineyard Vines Summer 2016 catalog, I came across a gentlemen named Bradley Johnson.  I found his story so inspiring, that I decided to share it with all of you!

     If you have been following me for awhile, you would have seen my post  about my chronic illnesses that I choose to share back in February.  It is still one of my most viewed posts to this day.  Like Bradley Johnson, I too choose not to let my limitations stop me.

     Bradley Johnson could have chosen to feel sorry for himself, and who couldn't blame him.  Instead, he chose to excel in life not only as an attorney, but also, as a three time Paralympian in the sport of sailing.  He is the first African American to represent the United States in sailing and bring back a medal.  His positive attitude has allowed his disability to not hinder him in life.

     What Bradley Johnson said brought a smile to my face, and made my heart happy!!  He said, "My objective was to get my life as close to normal as I knew it--and I've surpassed that beyond my wildest dreams."  What amazing gentlemen with an awesome testimony.

     I am so thankful that even though I do not feel well many days, I still chose to get out of bed and conquer the day.  Thank you Bradley Johnson for sharing your story with Vineyard Vines.  Your testimony inspires me!  :)

 Watch his video below!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Minute Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

    Happy Fourth of July y'all!  I am so happy today to celebrate my freedom and for those who have fought for my freedom!  Thank you!!  I hope you all have had a great weekend so far....

      If you are like me, and tend to procrastinate, you might want to start planning your outfit right now; if you already haven't.  Just saying.... ;)

      If you're a girl, you'll understand having to pick out your outfit ahead of time.  With that said, today, I am sharing 4 last minute second outfit ideas for the Fourth!      

I would wrap the RL Sweater around my neck for a classic look!

White Scalloped Oxford {also love this one}//  5" Chino Shorts {J.Crew Factory version here}// Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater // Jack Rogers {in Navy/White} // KJP Bracelet 

Which outfit is your favorite?  I hope you all have an amazing Fourth of July!

Until next time, 

Xoxo, Natalie

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Friday, July 1, 2016

31 Day Photography Challenge + Free Printable

     Not only did I start this blog of mine to share my style, faith, crafty creations, and delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy,  I also, started it because of my love for photography.

     In honor of the first day of July, I thought I would put together a little photography challenge.  Below are 31 things to take a picture of in the month of July.  It is a picture a day!  Everything ranging from what you are reading to the stars in the sky.

     I would love to see what ideas you come up with.  So, be sure to tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #PicturePerfectJuly2016.

Happy Snapping!!

 31 Day Photography Challenge



  • Your Outfit of the Day 
  • Flowers
  • You and Your Friend Doing Something Goofy
  • Black + White
  • Lights
  • Take a picture of your art supplies
  • Eyes
  • Someone You Love
  • The Sunset and/or Sunrise
  • Spell something with sparklers
  • What You’re Eating
  • Stars
  • A Selfie in the Mirror  
  • The Ocean or Lake
  • Architecture
  • An Instrument
  • What You’re Doing
  • What You’re Reading
  • Raindrops On a Window
  • An Animal
  • A New Hairstyle You Tried
  • Music Records
  • Something That Reminds You of Your Childhood
  • Something That Begins With The Letter A
  • Texture
  • Colors
  • Something Shiney/Glittery
  • Flat Lay
  • The Perfect Summer Day
  • Something Patriotic!

Print it here!

If you do take some of these pictures, don't forget to tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #PicturePerfectJuly2016!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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Friday Favorites {4th of July Edition}

     Ahhh!  You guys, 4th of July is this weekend!  I couldn't be more excited.  There are so many reasons why I love this holiday.  Most importantly, we are able to celebrate our freedom.  I'm a total American girl!  Why don't you take a peak at my patriotic favorites from this week.... 

1. Favorite Picture

I love how the American flag captures the sunlight on the beach!  It's absolutely beautiful.

 Pinterest | @mbg2019 | ☼ ☾:

2. Favorite Sweet Treat

Not only does this cake look delicious, it also looks pretty!  I'll definitely be making it for The 4th!
Ooh La Lovely Blog: Naked for the 4th...:
3. Favorite Painting

Stars and Stripes galore!!  It's one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints.

Show your stripes #TeamUSA #lilly5x5:

 4. Favorite Nail Art

Your nails gotta be patriotic too! ;) There are SO many other cute patriotic manicures out there.  Just go on Pinterest and search, "4th of July Nail Art"!

15 Easy & Simple Fourth Of July Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2014 | 4th Of July Nails:

5. Favorite Outfit

 I absolutely, love this outfit for The 4th!  The shorts are so unique and different, but they're what makes the outfit.  I also, love that purse.


I have a bonus post for y'all tonight!  It'll be up at 8pm EST.  So, be sure to check back here!  I hope you all have a fun, safe, and bright weekend!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fourth of July Essentials

     Can you believe this coming weekend we will be celebrating July 4th?  The 4th of July holiday is one of my favorite celebrations for many reasons.   I love the fireworks, food, sparklers, spending time with family and friends ,and our freedom.  So, I thought I would put together some of my essentials for the fourth.

1. Sparklers - Sparklers are so much fun!  You can use them to spell fun words or draw something summer related.  Plus, if you get a group of your friends together, you all can create something really amazing!!

2. Swimsuit - I will use any excuse to purchase a new swim suite.  I especially, love the ones that have stripes or Vineyard Vine whales. 

3. Pool Float - Since pool floats are really trending right now, might as well get one for the fourth. 

4. Patriotic Lightweight Sweater - I have been eyeing this Vineyard Vines sweater for a while now.  I love how classic and patriotic it is.  I am always cold; even in the summer.  So, I always take a light sweater with me wherever I go.  What better sweeter to take, then this one from Vineyard Vines.

5. Boat Shoes - I have quite the love for Sperrys!  Sperrys dress up any casual outfit.  If you will be by the water this holiday, boat shoes will be a good choice. 
Shop more Sperrys here.

6. Bold Print - LILLY!!!  When I think of a bold print, I think of Lilly Pulitzer. Two of my favorite prints for the fourth would have to be "Pop Pop" and "Summer Siren".  

7. Red, White, & Blue Nail Polish - A cute way to show your patriotism, is dolling up your nails with Red, White and Blue nail polish. 

I linked a bunch of other patriotic products above, so be sure to check them out!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Monday, June 27, 2016

Trevor James Products

      I am so excited to be featuring a brand I love on the blog today.  Trevor James Products!   What is so inspiring is that Trevor James Products was created by a freshman in college.  This goes to show that you are never too young to pursue your dreams. 

     Each product is made with the upmost quality, and is beautifully crafted.  Trevor James Products finds their inspiration in a small and picturesque New England town called Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.   I just absolutely love the classic, preppy, and beachy vibe from each of their products!

    All of Trevor James Products are affordable.  The best part is, their products are made in America.  Not only are all their products made in America, but with every sale, they donate 10% to Waves for Waters.  Waves for Waters provides clean filtered water for those in third would countries.  Something many of us take for granted.

     Be sure to check out their website here!  

And just think, every purchase provides clean water to those in need!

*In collaboration with Trevor James Products

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites

     Hello loves!  I hope you all have had a great Friday.  Another week has come and gone.  So, that means another edition of Friday Favorites!  Keep on reading to see what my favorites have been this week...

1. Random Favorite

 Two of the best things in the world, macaroons and Lilly Pulitzer!


2. Favorite Table Setting

This table setting would be perfect for the upcoming holiday!  It's so classic and charming.

Classy Girls Wear Pearls:

3. Favorite Quote

One of my most favorite things about summer is fireflies!  I like to watch them light up my yard on warm summer nights.

Fireflies are summer's Christmas lights.:

4. Favorite Purchase

 I really love this Cinderella makeup pallete!  All of the colors are beautiful.  Read more about it here. {It's sold out on Kohl's website, but I found it on Ebay}

 5. Favorite Picture

How adorable is this picture?  It reminds me of when I was a little girl.  Spending the whole day at the pool with lots of ice cream!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Come Shopping with Me

     Hey everyone!  Recently, I have done a little bit of shopping.  Whenever I purchase something new, I want to get it on the blog ASAP.  Sometimes though, I can't.  In this post, I will be sharing all the items I have bought in the last month or so.  I'll be reviewing each item I have purchased below.  Happy shopping!


  • V-Neck Tank - Super soft!  I bought it in an XS, and it fits great.  It is a little loose, but I don't mind. 
  •  Chambray Tank - Fits perfect!  The material isn't rough or uncomfortable.  Other color options here and here.
  •   Striped Tank Top - I couldn't find it online, but I believe it's still in stores {in the junior section at Kohls}.  I hope so because I love it!  Just like the top above, it's very soft and fits great {I bought it in a M because I wanted it to be longer}.  As y'all know, I am a sucker for stripes {and blue}.  I just couldn't pass it up! 
  •  Similar LC Blouse - The one I bought was on clearance, so unfortunately, it's no longer available. :( I absolutely love how breezy it is though.  Perfect for hot, humid days. See the one I purchased in this post
  •  Embroidered Peasant Top - This is my favorite top right now!  It is more pink in person.  The embroidery is beautiful and feminine.
  • Dreamy White Blouse - The words I would use to describe this top would be dreamy, beautiful, gorgeous, and absolutely perfect!  It is absolutely stunning!  When I tried it on, I instantly fell in love. The scallops are such a cute touch.  It's on clearance for only $14!!  Be sure to pick it up before it's gone.


  • Teardrop Earrings - I have never liked big earrings on me, but I love this pair!  The color is what sold me {they're not as dark as they look on the website}  See them in this post.
  • Vineyard Vines Baseball Cap - I can't say enough good things about this hat.  I absolutely love it!  I especially love it for bad hair days. ;) It's great quality, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!  I got it in the color "Flamingo"
  • Crochet Scarf -  If you haven't been to Altar'd State, you must!  Not only does it smell good, it also has an amazing sale section. ;) I got this scarf for only $10 over the weekend!  The crochet detailing is so beautiful. 


  • Pur Cosmetics Cinderella Makeup Pallete - I am so glad I picked up this makeup pallete!  I honestly don't wear a lot of makeup.  The only time I wear makeup is if I'm doing an outfit shoot for the blog.  Lately, I have wanted to start wearing a little bit more makeup.  I have been eyeing this makeup pallete for awhile now, and decided to go for it!  I actually picked it up last week.  Everything about it is perfect!  Even the packaging is beautiful!  It includes 6 shades of lipstick, 6 shades of eyeshadow, and 4 shades of blush. 

And that's a wrap!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Favorites

     I hope you all had a very bright, happy first day of summer AND National Wear Your Lilly Day {and yes, I know all this happened yesterday}!  In honor of this very special week, I have rounded up a few of my favorites from Lilly Pulitzer. ;) 

Who else thinks everyday should be National Wear Your Lilly Day?

Strapless Romper // White Lace Tunic Dress // Amelia Island Tunic // Tank Top {Pink Pout Mango Salsa} // Sloane Maxi Dress {Minty Fresh on the Rocks} // Scalloped Shorts {Bay Blue Pop Pop Glow} // Sasha Shift Dress // Cathy Shift Dress 

There will most likely be a part two, so keep an eye out!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

     Hey everyone!  Summertime weekends are so wonderful.  I really look forward to them.  Don't you?  I think my favorite thing about summer is all of the fireflies.  This may sound corny, but it's kind of magical to see your yard full of flickering fireflies.

    This weekend is pretty special because it's Father's Day!  In case you still don't know what to get your dad, you can read my Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas here.  For now, keep on reading to see what my favorites this week have been....

1.  Favorite Hairstyle 

 One of my goals for 2016 is to grow my hair out super long!   When I was younger, my hair was very long.  I loved it that way!  The hairstyle below is so beautiful!

◖ pin: averymadelinee ◗:

2. Favorite Picture

This picture takes me back to my childhood!  How precious is this picture?!

This is easily one of the happiest pins I've ever seen. Our childhood in a Picture!!!!!!!:

3. Favorite Sweet Treat

It's summer, so that means ice cream with your friends!!  If you can't have milk like me, then try coconut ice cream.  It's SOOOO good!

pinterest: audrosie:

4. Favorite Movie

 I have been obsessed with the movie Cinderella ever since it came out last year.  It's beautiful, dreamy, and romantic!  I watched it again this week, and I had forgotten how much I loved it.


5. Favorite Find

 These Sperry sneakers are like so super cute!! ;) I absolutely love them.  You could easily dress them up or down.  They come  in a total of five colors!  It'll make your decision even harder ;)


Have a great weekend loves!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie