Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Fun & Creative Ideas for Christmas

     Are you one of those craaazy Christmas people who count down every week, day, hour, minute, and second until Christmas Day? I know I am! ;)  There are only 16 more days until Christmas!!  I'll let you figure out how many hours, minutes, and seconds. ;)

     Today, I thought I would share some fun ideas you can do this holiday season.  I just recently came across these adorable reindeer cookies below.  I definitely plan on making them!  Every year, we make a gingerbread house and gingerbread cookies. I love how it makes our home smell like Christmas.  This year it looks like I'll be making reindeer cookies along with a gingerbread house! Can't wait!

ginger bread cookies recipe christmas holiday baking better baking bible blog:  

I looove hot cocoa and drink it all year round! 

Mint Snowman Marshmallow:

These would be delicious with your hot cocoa!

Gingerbread Men Cookie Sticks:


Christmas just isn't complete without watching your favorite Christmas movies!  The Christmas movie I've been watching on repeat this year is Elf!!

17 of the best holiday movies ever to watch on Christmas Eve:

holiday diy: rustic felt christmas trees:  


So cozy by the fire...

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Ever since I was a little girl I have loved crafting.  Each Christmas I would make ornaments for our tree.  These snowman clothespins are absolutely adorable!
D.I.Y. Snowman Clothespins #Christmas This would be so cute with a magnet on the back to hold Christmas cards on the fridge:  

 I've started my own tradition of decorating my own wrapping paper.  View this post to see what I did last year.  I love the rustic look of the ones below!
Fun and creative wrapping ideas. #shinebright:  
DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments:  

What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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