Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Review - Angels Walking Series

     The Angels Walking Series is captivating from the start.  Have you ever wondered if you have met an angel before?  If you have, you will truly enjoy the Angels Walking Series.
The series takes you behind the scenes and shows you what the jobs of angels might be like.  

Angels Walking is the first novel in this series written by Karen Kingsbury.      The relationship between Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson is torn apart when Tyler makes it to the big leagues.  Fame costs him everything he loved.  Can the angels complete their mission they have been assigned or is all lost? 


 Chasing Sunsets is the second in this series written by Karen Kingsbury.
Travel the road with Mary Catherine as she is determined to understand and find meaning in her life.

 Brush of Wings is the final book in the Angels Walking Series. 
Be inspired by true faith and trusting God as Mary Catherine faces life or death. 

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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