Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Adventures in Art Museums

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Art Museum and fell in love.

It had been quite some time since I last visited an art museum.   I was dying to pay a visit to the one in our area. There were so many interesting and beautiful things to look at.  Everything from the sparkly, marble busts to the soft palettes of eighteenth-century, European paintings.  I felt like Elizabeth Bennet wandering around Mr. Darcey's Estate.

I told my mom if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be in an art museum.  Ever since I was a child, art has played a significant role in my life.  Whether, trying to stay inside the lines of my jumbo Clifford coloring book, or learning a new chord on the piano. I would be so lost in this big world without all the color art has offered me.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie

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