Monday, December 23, 2019

New Beginnings in December

Today, I woke up and decided to take a moment, sit back, and write a post for my blog.  Since the holidays have arrived, time seems to be rushing by. One minute I think I have all the time in the world, and then boom! The next thing I realize, Christmas is less than twenty-four hours away.  Our home finally sold, and we are truly thankful. Now, we are preparing to move into our new home in the coming year. The last few weeks I have enjoyed spending time with my grandparents and preparing for all the Christmas festivities. We are keeping our celebrations simple this year. Not focusing on the hustle and bustle of the season has been very relaxing for my family and I.

As I am writing this post from my local library, it is snowing!  We got our first snowfall back in November, just a few days before Thanksgiving.   Now, our second snowfall has arrived a week before Christmas! Could this mean a white Christmas?  

I always think I am going to dread the snow and the cold, but I actually love it.  Seeing the first snowfall before Thanksgiving put me in such the Holiday Spirit. The rush of everyone going to the grocery store to get milk and bread.  The excitement from the children hoping they will get a day off from school. Our Dog KC even gets excited. He loves eating snow! Even though he is freezing, he stays out until we truly have to drag him back in.  KC is such a silly boy!  

      Speaking of my favorite silly boy, my family and I took Kc on an adventure to Pet Smart over the weekend to meet Santa Clause. To be completely honest with you, I'm not sure he knew how to react to the cameras, light up antlers, and the man in the red coat himself. His expressions say it all in the photos below. It was comical to watch and I plan on sharing that vlog over on my YouTube soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our celebrations this year were a bit different for us than years prior.  To my surprise, it was quite enjoyable.  We kept our Thanksgiving dinner simple, enjoyed the regular fixings, and finished some last minute packing for the sale of our home. I even found time to make my very first pumpkin pie. Sugar free pumpkin pie to be exact.  It was absolutely delicious! I had two large pieces and savored every bite. I did, however, make some adjustments to the recipe due to my GI issues. However, you would never know that judging by the incredible taste.

We purchased an elf hat for my best friend's cat so he could, quite literally, be the cat in the hat ;)

Well, I am going to end this post here, and go watch a Christmas movie with my family {Elf, of course!}.  If I do not stop by before the end of the year, may each of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Until next year,

Xoxo, Natalie

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Adventures of October

Can you believe how quickly the holidays have approached us? Christmas is a mere thirty-four days away and we don't have a single tree up. How very un-Rousch like of us...

     You may recall from my September blog post, I mentioned my plans to go see Downton Abbey with my mom. Unfortunately, we have not had the time to pay a visit to our local movie theatre. So, I am unable to share my personal review just yet. However, based on critic’s reviews alone, I know I will absolutely fall in love with the Downton Abbey film. My mom and I hope to see it within the next month or so. When we do, I will be sure to tell you all about it. 

    Fortunately though, we were able to find the time to do what we truly love, and that is, antique shopping and attending fall festivals. First, I will share our antique adventure in Aurora, Indiana. 

This year for Halloween, I decided to go the traditional route and dress up as a witch. Since my mom and I love shopping, especially shopping trips that involve good deals, we were fortunate enough to discover a witch costume hanging on a discounted rack at an antique shop. It was missing the cape but we lucked out at Dollar Tree and found a cape that fit perfectly.  I just love bargains, don’t you? At the Dollar Tree, I also purchased my witch hat along with some black roses to glue around the brim. To top it off, I was able to purchase a beautiful black and teal owl for only half the price at Michael’s to tie in with the black stem left over from the roses.  

We then paid a visit to an eeire cemetery downtown and had a spooky black and white photoshoot. Tell me, am I the only one who finds cemeteries peaceful? People look at me as though I’m crazy when I say I find beauty in the details of the tombstones or the century-old date someone was born in.  

Next, Canal Days in Indiana.   A couple weekends ago the weather was so lovely my family and I drove out of the city and into the country to visit an autumn festival known as Canal Days. We admired the eclectic creations handcrafted by local residents and got to pet some of the cutest dogs I have met.  Canal Days is worth paying a visit to. Definitely, Canal Days will on our bucket list for many years to come.  

     To top off the month of October, I began baking.  Baking is something I love to do, especially during the holiday season.   The weekend prior to Halloween, my mom and I baked some spooky sweets for my dad. We created the sugar cookies and vanilla icing from scratch, which, in my opinion, makes these treats even tastier. You can find the simple sugar cookie recipe here. As for the icing, I followed a recipe in one of my mom's old Southern Living cookbooks.   

Thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to sharing with you my November adventures at the end of the month.  

Until next time,

xoxo, Natalie

Thursday, September 12, 2019

life lately - room decor shopping, artwork, & downton abbey

Hello, hello long time no post! It's been one incredibly hot minute since my last visit. However, I felt a surge of inspiration at 3:30 am and decided to pull out my laptop to begin writing a blog post.

To be completely honest with you, I have missed blogging so much. That realization didn't fully hit me until yesterday. In the last few weeks, I have had several ideas about where I'd like to take my youtube channel as well as For All Things Pink & Pretty. I would love to get into a schedule of posting consistently. Whether that be once a month or twice a week, I'm not certain yet. However, since summer is now coming to a close, and I've graduated high school, I have a little more free time on my hands.

Two of my most recent passions have been interior design and organization. Lucky for me, those two things go hand in hand. About a month ago, my mum and I paid a visit to our local Michaels arts and craft store where we were pleasantly surprised to discover an incredible sale on their home decor. That's when I made the spontaneous decision to pull a complete 360 on my room. I'll admit, through the years my taste has changed. That's not to say I don't like the things I used to. Not at all. Simply put, I need a change in my life - a positive change.

And what better place to start than with new bedding and fresh light fixtures?

Below are several snapshots of the pieces I picked up. I couldn't be more in love with this little crochet stool I purchased for a mere twenty-four dollars. Not to mention, the ladder and faux hanging plant were a steal, too. Granted, this cozy corner is far from complete. However, I simply couldn't wait to start piecing everything together to share with all of you. :)

The next day, my mum and I headed back out on another excursion in hopes of finding some more decorations for my room. This stop included none other than Target itself {are you even surprised?} Here, I stumbled upon this beautiful black and white Aztec rug that already pulls my room together seamlessly. I also, had an idea when we were wandering through the aisles of outdoor decor, to purchase these wall hangings and fill them with succulents and other greenery. All fake, of course, because God knows I can't keep a cactus alive to save my life.

Of course, the smaller details, such as pillows and wall art, will come in time. I find those particular items appear when you're not even looking for them. The next places I plan on scavenging are antique shops; which just so happens to be one of my family's favorite pastimes. I can hardly wait.

Several items that are on my to-get list are. . .
  • bedside lamp [12]
  • curtains [12]
  • comforter [I have my eyes set on this one]
  • wicker basket [123]
  •  more faux plants [123]
  • lots of fluffy pillows [123]
  • and lots of comfy blankets 
  • sheets
  • standing mirror 
I plan on sticking to a neutral color scheme. Something along the lines of an off-white base with pops of coral, mustard, and teal. Below is my inspiration board I put together to keep me focused and inspired on my room renovation journey.

As for reorganizing, I have come to be a bit obsessed with regularly cleaning out my closet and disregarding of the items I no longer need. With every article of clothing I toss in the donation pile, it feels as though a weight has been lifted from my chest. Granted, it's no easy feat letting go of the past, dramatic as that may sound over an old t-shirt. However, it feels incredible knowing they're in thankful hands. Not to mention, it makes for the perfect excuse to go shopping.

Another way I have been into organizing is through the planner I recently purchased. I can't exactly say I've accomplished much organizing with it just yet, but I have had plans in my head for quite some time now of how I would go about doing so; which totally counts, right?

I love the simplistic design of this planner. If you're a perfectionist like me, then perhaps you can understand how overwhelming it can be to conduct a concise method of organizing your planner. I truly am in love with it and cannot wait to get started on making lists and checking off all my achievements - the most rewarding satisfaction.

Another activity I have been doing quite a bit of lately is painting. My goodness, have I been painting! It's so inspiring to stand in front of my easel and bring the picture in my mind to life on the canvas.

It has been so nice catching up with you all. I hope you've been happy and healthy and doing well. Be sure to head on over to my youtube channel {classicallynatalie} and check out my latest videos.

Now off to see Downton Abbey in less than ten days! I will be sure to share my review.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Natalie